Spiritual Receptivity


Why do some people “find” God in a way that others do not?  Why does God manifest his presence to some and let others struggle along in the half-light of imperfect Christian experience?  Of course the will of God is the same for all.  He has no favourites.  All he has ever done for any of his children he will do for all of his children.  The difference lies not with God but with us.

Pick at random great men and women of God whose lives and testimonies are widely known. They could be Bible characters or well known Christians of post-biblical times.  You will be struck instantly with the fact that the believers were not alike.  How different for example was Moses from Isaiah; how different was Elijah from David; how unlike each other were John and Paul, Luther and Finney. The differences are as wide as human life itself:  differences of race, nationality, education, temperament, habit and personal qualities.  Yet they all walked in intimacy with God, far closer than most.

Their differences must have been incidental and in the eyes of God of no significance.  In some vital quality they must have been alike.  What was it?

I believe that the one vital quality that they had in common was spiritual receptivity.  Something in them was open to heaven, something that urged them Godward.  They had spiritual awareness and they went on to cultivate it until it became the biggest thing in their lives.  They differed from the average person in that when they felt the inward longing they did something about it.  They acquired the lifelong habit of spiritual response.  They were not disobedient to the heavenly vision.  As David put it neatly, “My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

Pastor Luke