Our Values

We are committed to living out the values of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to love God, love others, and share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Is Our Example

Ephesians 5:1-2 NLT

[1] Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. [2] Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.

Love Is Our Foundation

John 13:34-35 NLT

[34] So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. [35] Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples."

Holiness Is Our Lifestyle

1 Peter 1:16 NLT

[16] For the Scriptures say, "You must be holy because I am holy."

Faith Is Our Fuel

Hebrews 11:6 NLT

[6] And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

Obedience Is Our Calling

John 14:15 NLT

[15] "If you love me, obey my commandments."

Serving Is Our Privilege

1 Peter 4:10-11 NLT

[10] God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. [11] Do you have the gift of speaking? Then speak as though God himself were speaking through you. Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ. All glory and power to him forever and ever! Amen.

Humility Is Our Posture

James 4:10 NLT

[10] Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honour.

Faithfulness Is Our Commitment

1 John 2:24-25 NLT

[24] So you must remain faithful to what you have been taught from the beginning. If you do, you will remain in fellowship with the Son and with the Father. [25] And in this fellowship we enjoy the eternal life he promised us.

Generosity Is Our Joy

Proverbs 11:24-25 MSG

[24] The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. [25] The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.

Compassion Is Our Response

Ephesians 4:32 NLT

[32] Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.


Our Beliefs

We invite you to explore our beliefs and join us in our pursuit of living out our faith in boldness and passion.

  • Life Of Jesus

    We believe in the Virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Miraculous Ministry, Substitutionary Atoning Death, Bodily Resurrection, Triumphant Ascension and Abiding Intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ and in His personal, visible, bodily return in power and glory as the blessed hope of all believers

  • Trinity

    We believe in the unity of the One True and Living God who is the Eternal, Self-Existent “I AM”, Who has also revealed Himself as One being co-existing in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • The Bible

    We believe that the Bible (i.e. the Old and New Testaments excluding the Apocrypha), is the inspired Word of God, the infallible, all sufficient rule for faith and practice.

  • Fall Of Man

    We believe in the fall of man, who was created pure and upright, but fell by voluntary transgression.

  • Salvation Through Faith

    We believe in salvation through faith in Christ, who, according to the Scriptures, died for our sins, was buried and was raised from the dead on the third day, and that through His Blood we have Redemption.

  • New Birth

    This experience is also known as the new birth, and is an instantaneous and complete operation of the Holy Spirit upon initial faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Baptism By Immersion In Water

    We believe in both Water and Spirit baptism as essential and empowering aspects of the Christian experience.

  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit

    We believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit as an enduement of the believer with power for service, the essential, biblical evidence of which is the speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.

  • Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

    We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of Christ in the Church today.

  • Holiness Of Life

    We believe in holiness of life and conduct in obedience to the command of God.

  • Divine Healing

    We believe that deliverance from sickness, by Divine Healing is provided for in the Atonement.

  • Breaking Of Bread

    We believe that all who have truly repented and believe in Christ as Lord and Saviour should regularly participate in Breaking of Bread.

  • Resurrection Of All Who Truly Believe In Jesus Christ

    We believe in the bodily resurrection of all men, the everlasting conscious bliss of all who truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and the everlasting conscious punishment of all whose names are not written in the Book of Life.