God’s Gift

In this sermon Adele Morgan shares with us the gift that God has given us. We pray that you’ll blessed by God’s word.

Adele Morgan3/10/2024
God’s Gift
Adele Morgan3/10/2024
Destined For More
Pastor Dale Thomas3/3/2024
Another One
Pastor Luke Morgan2/25/2024
Stop Feeling Guilty!
Pastor Luke Morgan2/11/2024
Hearing The Voice Of God
The Food That Keeps Me Going
Pastor Luke Morgan1/28/2024
Becoming 1000
Pastor Luke Morgan1/21/2024
Amazing Things
Pastor Luke Morgan1/14/2024
Everything Begins Here
Pastor Luke Morgan1/7/2024
Don’t Loose Heart
Robert Davies11/26/2023
Let’s Talk: Fasting
Pastor Luke Morgan11/19/2023
For Those Who Don’t Measure Up
Pastor Luke Morgan11/12/2023
Vision Sunday 2022
Pastor Luke Morgan1/23/2022
Excuses, Excuses
Pastor Luke Morgan1/30/2022
I Can't Do It
Pastor Luke Morgan2/6/2022
Revival Ready
Pastor Luke Morgan2/13/2022
We're All In This Together
Pastor Luke Morgan2/20/2022
Momentum Killers - Part 1
Pastor Luke Morgan3/6/2022
Momentum Killers - Part 2
Pastor Luke Morgan3/13/2022
Holiness Unto The Lord
Pastor Luke Morgan3/20/2022
I Need A Word
Pastor Luke Morgan3/27/2022
It's Time Celebrate
Pastor Luke Morgan4/3/2022
A New Beginning
Pastor Luke Morgan7/8/2018
Trust and Obey
Pastor Luke Morgan7/15/2018
Going against the flow
Pastor Luke Morgan8/19/2018
Forward by faith - Part 1
Pastor Luke Morgan8/26/2018
Forward by faith - Part 2
Pastor Luke Morgan9/2/2018
Preparing for victory
Pastor Luke Morgan9/16/2018
Preparing for victory - Part 2
Pastor Luke Morgan9/30/2018
Building The Corporate Altar - Part 1
Pastor Luke Morgan2/7/2021
Building The Corporate Altar - Part 2
Pastor Luke Morgan2/14/2021
Building The Corporate Altar - Part 3
Pastor Luke Morgan2/21/2021
Heart & Soul 2020
Pastor Luke Morgan1/7/2020
Heart & Soul 2021
Pastor Luke Morgan2/3/2021